Jean Charest and the Election Train…

One could say that Jean Charest train is now in the station … 
Jean Charest is in many ways like Robert Bourassa in 1970 and he lost control. We live the situation of 1970 in 2012 with the escalating civil violence and the bill back to school is like the War Measures under Trudeau and Bourassa. 
I know quite well Jean Charest that I have encountered in 1984 (Mulroney) and later in 2008 I was able to learn more about the character of the man as I hung in Bromont (Pierre Paradis). 
Charest takes very bad being contradicted. He was to be Prime Minister of Canada but Kim Campbell robbed him of the title. He agreed to replace his goal by a challenge that was of lesser importance by being “only” Premier of Quebec. He lost his first election in 1998 and in 2003, the allies of Pierre Paradis and Yves Séguin expected him to fall again in order to take his place… Charest was lucky and won. He was frustrated, however, and he quickly removed the Paradis and Seguin. 
Today he is very frustrated by the success of the students in the popular opinion and he want to eliminate them. Probably it will be his Waterloo as Charest is in trouble within his own political team including several members who expect him to fall to take his place but nobody has the courage to fight the first by fear of failing and being the victim up off the train… 
In conclusion, the train of war is started to the next general election in Quebec. 
Stay tuned!
Photo 1: Jean Charest during the Election 2008 ;
Photo 2: Train Eastern Townships ;
Photo 3: Assemblée nationale du Québec ;
See story La Presse ;
See group against the Law 78 ;


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