Conrad Black will be back in Canada / The story of a businessman and a journalist …

By Bernard Bujold ( – 
Conrad Black will return to Canada since he obtained a temporary residence permit valid for one year. The release from prison of former media tycoon was made this Friday May 4 in Florida. 
I followed the career of the magnate Conrad Black since the late 70s when I was a young journalist in Quebec and later in the 90s when I was Assistant to the President of the Quebecor empire in Montreal. Conrad Black is himself a journalist in the depths of his soul and he has always enjoyed writing. The fact that he became a businessman is an accident in a way. I have read most of his works and he is a very detailed writer who uses history to illustrate his ideas. In a sense, it has the style of authors such as Henry Kissinger.
I always liked Black who I met in person two or three times, including once at the launch of his autobiography in Montreal. I invited Pierre Peladeau to accompany me but he refused. Peladeau and Black were in rivalry with one another to my great sadness because I admired and admire much the two individuals. 
In my view, the failure of Conrad Black happened because he was not focused on writing rather than business. He has the rare talent of the great journalists and he would have emerged as an international authority in this area. The path of Black makes me also think of the fictional character by Tom Wolfe: ‘A Man in Full ‘. In this novel the financier loses his empire but will return in force to become a great preacher in the U.S.. I predict that Conrad Black will return in force and he will continue his career as a writer and reputed great journalist. Moreover, I specifically bought the National Post every weekend for the Black editorials always exciting and well developed…
In conclusion, I sincerely wishes a good and pleasant homecoming to Conrad Black.Welcome back to you and I hope to read you very often! 
Photo 1 and 2: Conrad Black;
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