Jean Charest and the 2012 Quebec elections

May 31, 2012

Minister Michelle Courchesne has broken off negotiations with the students Thursday, May 31 at 4:10 p.m.. The announcement of elections by Jean Charest had to follow, according to several observers, but it was not the case… 
Many believed that the prime minister would announce elections during the press conference that followed the breakdown of negotiations but he did not. However, he refused to say that there would be NO summer elections, adding there would be a popular vote within 18 months … Stay tuned! 
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Anonymous – Urban Legend

May 31, 2012

Anonymous movement is among us… In fact, the myth only because in reality this movement is rather part of the urban legend and his power is very virtual. 
The documents released so far have nothing on the scale and seriousness of those disclosed by Wikileak as external sources were what made the movement very powerful and dangerous. Anonymous is reminiscent of the Black Block. It is a philosophy more than a real organization. The greatest danger of Anonymous is the real possibility in their group to paralyze some websites but their power comes from the low-power servers of their targets. Moreover, Anonymous warn their fans that their technology will not work on large sites like Google and Facebook… 
Regarding the F1 Grand Prix of Canada, this is not the site of the event which was penetrated, but the one of a small external reseller. Several site managers of companies or governments will not invest to make their site safe and sound. Just remember the humiliating failure of the Government of France whose tourist had fallen the day of its launch in July 2010 because the servers were far too weak for public use. 
CONCLUSION: Caution and prevention is always appreciated and we must, above all, securely lock our doors at night before going to bed because otherwise the bad Anonymous wolves are watching you.
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Happy Birthday Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois (22 years old)

May 31, 2012

Happy birthday to Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois! He celebrates today, Thursday, May 31, 22 years …
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The War of the Quebec students…

May 30, 2012

The joy of warriors … and victory! 
The only real solution to the students crisis would be elections and, on the ballot, a specific question about Tuition Increase / yes or no. A sort of two for one: Election+ Referendum. 
Also the Charest Government is starting to play strategy as he has called student associations at different times… Leo Blouin was summoned at 2 pm and Martine Desjardins and Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois at 3 pm (Wednesday, May 30) .
Stay tuned!
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Julian Assange gets another reprieve …

May 30, 2012

Julian Assange lost his claim on appeal extradition but he got a stay of 14 days to reopen his case. 
To be continued. 
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The All Things Digital conference D10 …

May 30, 2012

This is the 10th Annual Conference D All Things Digital. The best conference in the world of technology! 
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Jean Charest would trigger elections on Friday June 1st for a vote next Monday, July 9, 2012…

May 29, 2012

The possibility of a general Quebec Election call this Friday 1st June for a July 9 vote is more and more accurate. First the source of the rumor: there are two political columnists very close to the Liberals who circulate the information: Lisa Frulla Hebert and Jean Lapierre. Then, Jean Charest will meet with his deputies to dinner Wednesday night in Quebec City for a special meeting. Third, the police arrested the two negotiators of CLASSE when they left the negotiations building yesterday and police also refused to heed the call of Leo Bureau Blouin not to arrest other peaceful demonstrators on the spot. A sign that many describe as provocation by the government who would not intend to enter into an agreement. Jean Charest attended the negotiations for about thirty minutes Monday afternoon. To be continued from today at 1pm (Tuesday, May 29, 2012).
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