Jean Charest and the Quebec Students – The solution is a Provincial Election!

The article in La Presse on Friday, April 20 and the comments of the Rector Guy Breton summarize quite well the situation of students against the government and show a likeness to the time of the FLQ. In 1970, the situation between the FLQ and Quebec was similar in many respects except that because there was the kidnapping of a British diplomat, this led the Canadian federal government in the case. Today, the Fed is not concerned (yet…). 
But two things: 1. loss of control by the provincial government and 2. violence scouring the streets and public facilities, are present in 2012 as in 1970. 
CONCLUSION: Only a general election in Quebec will end the conflict because the campaign would be on this conflict and there would be a winner determined by popular vote. 
To be continued… 
Photo 1: Police riot Montreal;
Photo 2: Jean Charest;
SEE report Guy Breton La Presse ; 
See story The Gazette ; 
See photo album protests in Montreal ;
See statement from public leaders ;
See Facebook page on Jean Charest resignation ;


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