Snowy night in Montreal (February 2012)

February 25, 2012

Snowy night in Montreal – February 24, 2012 – 7 p.m.
Photo 1 and 2: Place d’Youville – Montreal (Bernard Bujold)
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Changes in the French CBC Montreal; Louis Lalande force the departure of Alain Saulnier and replaces him by Michel Cormier

February 24, 2012

There is a death spirit at Radio-Canada (Montreal) as the news director Alain Saulnier said that he had been forced to resign on 16 March. It seems he did not get along with the big boss Louis Lalande …
This is the Acadian journalist Michel Cormier who will replace Saulnier. Cormier had wreaked havoc on his recent arrival in the general direction of the CBC Moncton moving star host Abbé Lanteigne from the regional newscast.
Now some Acadians are suggesting that the new director of Radio-Canada Moncton should be Abbé Lanteigne!
Many observers also said that the departure of the host star Christiane Charette one year ago was also motivated by the arrival of Lalande at the top radio job.
One could say that a storm is blowing through the CBC … Stay tuned!

Photo 1: Louis Lalande, Alain Saulnier, Michel Cormier, Abbé Lanteigne et
Christiane Charette ;
Photo 2: Édifice Radio-Canada Montréal ;

The new thriller from author Louise Penny -DÉFENSE DE TUER

February 23, 2012

With the approach of the March Break 2012, many parents will find themselves on vacation at the cottage or elsewhere in the country.
An excellent book to pack is the latest thriller by Louise Penny: DÉFENSE DE TUER (translation of the original – The Murder Stone). The action of the book takes place in the Eastern Townships at the Manoir Bellechasse (fictitious name inspired by the Manoir Hovey in North Hartley).
The author Penny has been very successful in describing the atmosphere of a country house hotel and we appreciate her descriptive narrative as much as the murder mystery discovered by the detective Armand Gamache …
An excellent book to accompany the March break.

Photo 1: Louise Pennys and her book cover ;
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Two war reporters die in Syria: Marie Colvin et Rémi Ochlik

February 22, 2012

Two war reporters have been killed in Syria, including the famous Marie Colvin well known on the TV network CNN.
Photo 1: Marie Colvin;
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The problem of the homeless in Montreal

February 22, 2012

The problem of homelessness looks like a zombie horror film genre.
The police say to the homeless out of the subway and once in the street to move! But to where? Back on the subway?
In the horror film, the zombies end up being more numerous than the people around them and they invade the city! What will happen when the homeless (already more than 30.000 in Montreal) will outnumber the police? Will they call the army?

Photo: Police officer in Montreal ;
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Bill Clinton is on PBS Television

February 21, 2012

Bill Clinton is the subject of two evenings on PBS American Experience. Monday February 20 and Tuesday February 21th at 9 pm.

Photo 1: Bill Clinton ;
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Quebec Minister Raymond Bachand and the “Party in Paris”

February 21, 2012

What will be the reaction by the Quebec Minister Raymond Bachand regarding the revelation by Jean Barbe about the “Party in Paris”?
Finally, the minister said that he do not consider the comment as serious…

Photo 1: Notre-Dame-de-Paris ;
Photo 2: Minister Raymond Bachand ;
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