Star Wars: Quebecor against CBC and Power Corporation – La Presse

The business and the media world are like a Star Wars where the objective is to conquer as much space as possible…
Quebecor and its leader, Pierre-Karl Peladeau won the war against CBC and they ruthlessly eliminated (figuratively…) their opponent Sylvain Lafrance from Radio-Canada. Star Wars is now in a second episode and Quebecor’s enemy is Power Corporation – La Presse. It is clear that the war of the planets is more active than ever…
To be continued and may the best man win!

Photo 1: CBC building ;
Photo 2: Pierre-Karl Péladeau with his wife and Sylvain Lafrance ;
Photo 3: Public Clock at La Presse ;
Photo 4: Quebecor ;
See attack La Presse (1) ;
See defense Quebecor (2) ;
See defense La Presse (3);

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