Football Super Bowl 2012; the spectacle of Madonna; Johnny Hallyday’s songs; and the tragedy of Dr. Isabelle Gaston …

The evening of Sunday, February 5, 2012 was like a buffet at a party gala where there is too much to eat and where it finally impossible to taste everything and being able to enjoy everything.
Three very good TV shows were on air at the same time and all were exceptional productions.
Super Bowl 2012 (NBC) has been an exciting and competitive game, up to the very end with a final touchdown and the surprise victory of the New York Giants against the New England Patriots to the score of 21 to 17.
The spectacle of Super Bowl halftime by Madonna was also exceptional and the artist has truly captivated her audiences with the staging and especially the costumes.
As for the singer Johnny Hallyday (TVA), he was at the height of the character and the few songs he sang in Star Academy gave us the desire to go see his show when he will return to Montreal in late 2012.
Finally, Dr. Isabelle Gaston (CBC) was moving when she told her emotions and how she continue her life after the murder of her two children by their father, cardiologist Guy Turcotte.
A unique evening in television but unfortunately it was crushed by an awkward schedule placement from the two local
broadcasters Radio-Canada and TVA.

No one could ask the Super Bowl and NBC to change their schedule …
Photo 1: Touch down by the Giants at Super Bowl ;
Photo 2: Madonna during her show ;
Photo 3: Johnny Hallyday ,
Photo 4: Dr. Isabelle Gaston on Tout le monde en parle ;
See The New York Times story (Super Bowl) ;
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See site Star Academy ;
See story on Johnny Hallyday ;
View site Tout le monde en parle ;
See petition Dr Isabelle Gaston ;
See Listening figures ;


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