Radio-Canada is changing from Montreal to Acadia…

Radio-Canada is changing and the wind blows from Montreal to Acadia and it is often said that the happiness of one means the misfortune of another …
This is exactly the case in Moncton while the ex-journalist Michel Cormier was given in June 2011 the Senior Management of Radio-Canada Moncton. This is wonderful for Cormier but it also mean, since 5 January, for another great Acadian journalist, Abbé Lanteigne, an end to the animation of the daily TV newscast at Radio-Canada Atlantique, a position he held for the last 19 years. He is with Radio-Canada Moncton since 30 years. His departure does not enjoy the Acadian population, nor, it seems, the staff of Radio-Canada Moncton who is worried about the future, especially since the announcement to replace Abbé Lanteigne was done in the newspaper L’Acadie Nouvelle even before Lanteigne was informed. Abbé Lanteigne will be given the animation of a new monthly program, except that, obviously, this is not seen as a promotion despite what the new CEO Michel Cormier said.
But nothing can prevent the change or the decision of the boss…

Photo 1: Michel Cormier ;

Photo 2: Abbé Lanteigne ;
Photo 3: Press conference of the annoucement ;
See announcement of the replacement of Abbé Lanteigne ;
See description of the changes at the CBC Moncton ;
See reaction to the departure of Abbé Lanteigne ;
See Michel Cormier announces appointment Radio-Canada Moncton (June 2011) ;

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