Peter MacKay is now a married man …

Too late for all other women who have dreamed of him …
Peter MacKay is taken!
Elmer MacKay (father of Peter) is certainly very happy with his new daughter-in-law… Elmer was a member with Brian Mulroney in 1984 and had previously given its seat to Brian in 1983. Elmer is a natural charmer. Bernard Bujold ( was an assistant to Elmer MacKay for a few months in Ottawa after the 1984 election.
Long live the newlyweds.

Photo 1: Nazanin Afshin-Jam and Peter MacKay;
Photo 2: Peter MacKay and his dog;
Photo 3: Elmer MacKay (father of Peter)
See article The Globe and Mail ;
See article The National Post ;


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