Election 2011 in Canada – The debates

April 12, 2011

Michael Ignatieff has not been able to beat Stephen Harper during the two debates among Canadian political party leaders.
The cards on the table were somewhat similar to those existing between Brian Mulroney and John Turner in 1984 when Turner was leading in the polls as Stephen Harper is presently doing. Many observers generally agreed that the only way to dislodge Stephen Harper would have been a victory by Ignatieff during the debate as did Mulroney against Turner. This stunt, however, did not happen in 2011, neither in English nor in French.
This is a failure because it will cost $ 300 million in election costs for probably another minority government at the election on 2 May. However, a surprise could come from the party of Jack Layton, who has performed very well during the two debates and he could have convinced undecided voters to vote for its candidates.
According to recent polls (14 April), the Conservatives lead with about 38.7% in voting intentions, the Liberals 28.8%, NDP 18.6%, Bloc 9% and the Green Party 3,7%.
Picture 1: The four leaders before the debate ;
Picture 2: John Turner and Brian Mulroney – Debate 1984 ;
Picture 3: Television studio for English debate 2011 in Ottawa ;

The future of paper book

April 11, 2011

The future of libraries goes through a transformation of product offerings and rather than just sell books, they will have also to sell other entertainment items.

The owner of the largest chain of bookstores in Canada, Heather Reisman, took stock of the situation of book paper and the future of this sector. A report published in The Globe and Mail is very enlightening. Among the points of concern, we note that the income for an eBook is halved compared to paper books and at all levels, from the author, publisher, distributor, until the bookseller.
Photo 1: Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1.com) ;
Photo 2: Heather Reisman and Barbara Walters;
Photo 3: Indigo Bookstore
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The case of Bertrand Cantat – Conclusion

April 9, 2011


Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1.com) knows the TNM and Lorraine Pintal. He often participated at activities of fundraising and he even has a brick to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the TNM in his library.

Bernard Bujold, however, was against the participation of Bertrand Cantat at the TNM and he call him a murderer. He welcomed the cancellation of his visit to Canada.
“Lorraine Pintal is a competent woman and she is passionate about the theater. Perhaps sometimes too passionate, but if I have a complaint to make it to the board of directors who should have refused from the outset of participation of Cantat. The council consists of leaders of Quebec society, including Pierre Alary from Bombardier who is president , Claude Corbo, from UQAM is the vice-president, and Jean-Pierre Belhumeur, a renowned lawyer with Stikeman Elliott is secretary. Director Lorraine Pintal suggest artistic choices but it is the board that accepts and makes them official. A theater like the TNM is very fragile and can not base its decisions solely on art. This theater is largely funded and must, therefore, be prudent in his artistic choices.
Moreover, at the risk of being characterized as a person from the right, I do not think the murderer of Marie Trintignant is welcome on the art scene in Quebec and we must respect both the memory of the murdered woman and the feelings of hert family members.  I recommend the excellent book by the mother of Marie Trintignant about the murder of her daughter (Ma fille, Marie). “
Picture 1: Lorraine Pintal ;
Picture 2: Book cover by Nadine Trintignant ;
Picture 3: Bernard Bujold – LeStudio1.com
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Election 2011 in Canada – Week 2

April 8, 2011

The balance sheet after two weeks of election campaign in Canada is a draw! Indeed according to recent polls (April 7) the Conservatives continues to lead at 40.6% in voting intentions, the Liberals at 31.1% NDP 14.9% Bloc 8.7% and the Green Party 3.4%.
The two televised debates next week (April 12 and April 14 in English in French) may determine a leader but if not, the elections on 2 May will bring another minority Conservative government in Ottawa.
The campaign will cost about $ 300 million. Happy spring 2011 …
Photo 1: Stephen Harper ;
Photo 2: Michael Ignatieff ;
Photo 3: Jack Layton ;
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Pénélope McQuade comes to town…

April 7, 2011

The TV presenter Penelope McQuade is thrilled! Her new show starts Monday, April 11 from 9:00 p.m. on the airwaves of Radio-Canada! Stay tuned!

Photo 1 and 2: Penelope McQuade
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The murderer of Marie Trintignant will not come at the theater in Montreal

April 5, 2011

Bertrand Cantat has announced its withdrawal from the play on which he was to participate! It is a straw fire that goes …

The murderer of Marie Trintignant wanted to play on the stage of Théâtre du Nouveau Monde (TNM) in Montreal in May 2012. The announcement of this news was received by outrage and anger has gripped on the Internet and in media in Canada and Europe. The question that arises is the right of Bertrand Cantat to sing on stage. Is the audience going to appreciate and applaud Cantat in a piece on women when he violently killed his female companion?

Columnist Stéphane Laporte (La Presse) summarizes the situation best: “But is that the link between artist and audience does not go beyond a link of service between any other worker and client? The artist, who reinvents the life, by killing his neighbor, he kills the artist in him, at the same time?”
Moreover, according to the Canadian immigration Law, Cantat is not eligible for entry into Canada …
Photo 1: Marie Trintignant ;
Photo 2: Bertrand Cantat;
Photo3: Théâtre du Nouveau Monde in Montreal ;
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Election in Canada – The first week

April 3, 2011


The first week of the Canadian election campaign is over.

Appraisal: Stephen Harper continues to lead in the polls even if Michael Ignatieff impressed by his poise and his confidence. The vote of 2 May could well be the status quo that existed before the election and a Conservative minority government.
Note that the five-week campaign will cost $ 300 million which means that $ 60 million is being spent and a remaining $ 240 million is in the till …
Televised debates are likely to be the turning point of this campaign.The debate in English will be held on April 12 and the one in French on April 14. A recent survey tell that 43% of Canadians do not intend to go voting.
To be continued … /
Photo 1: Stephen Harper – Dieppe, N.B.;
Photo 2: Michael Ignatieff;
Photo 3: Gilles Duceppe;
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