A beautiful woman – Chantal Jolis

Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1.com) was moved to watch the TV show Tout le monde en parle on the Sunday, March 27. “The show brought back to memory my meeting with Chantal in the 2000s. I had dinner one evening with Chantal Jolis and his then spouse, presenter at Radio-Canada. Charles Dutoit was also with us from seven guests at a party in private.
I then noticed the beauty of the look and of the eyes of Chantal and I told her. I added that her husband was very lucky to have her in his life. She answered me that she loved him very much and to prove it she bought him a horse for his birthday. (I myself was in riding horses at the time and I had given her some advices).
I was very saddened and incredulous to learn all the sad events that have occurred since 2007 in Chantal’s life. Much water has flowed under the bridge since our dinner alone together but one thing has never changed and it is the look kind and deep of Chantal.
I already wrote once about Isabelle Adjani, after having photographed her, that beauty cannot be explained, but we can only notice it. The same comment applies to Chantal Jolis who was and remains a very beautiful woman, and her beauty cannot be explained, one can only finds it! ” .
Picture: Chantal Jolis – Tout le Monde en parle – Radio-Canada .
Link to interview with Chantal Jolis ;

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