MySpace will be sold soon…

March 31, 2011

The website MySpace is about to be sold to VEVO, an Internet company that specializes in music videos. VEVO is owned by a group of several companies including Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group and Abu Dhabi Media Co.

The accumulated losses of MySpace reach more than 156 million U.S. $ and the company was acquired by Rupert Murdoch in 2005 in the amount of 580 million $ U.S. To be continued … /

Photo 1: Logo MYSPACE

The War of Barack Obama…

March 29, 2011

President Barack Obama tries to explain to Americans the reasons for his decision to attack the dictator of Libya, Qaddafi. The question being asked more and more U.S. citizens: Why spend millions of dollars to eliminate the political leader of another country when there are many local problems in the U.S. where the government lacks funds.

It is also the risk of losing the battle with the military dictator that would be the ultimate humiliation for the American people. To be continued … /

Photo 1: Barack Obama during his speech on March 28;
Photo 2: Gaddafi;

A beautiful woman – Chantal Jolis

March 28, 2011

Bernard Bujold ( was moved to watch the TV show Tout le monde en parle on the Sunday, March 27. “The show brought back to memory my meeting with Chantal in the 2000s. I had dinner one evening with Chantal Jolis and his then spouse, presenter at Radio-Canada. Charles Dutoit was also with us from seven guests at a party in private.
I then noticed the beauty of the look and of the eyes of Chantal and I told her. I added that her husband was very lucky to have her in his life. She answered me that she loved him very much and to prove it she bought him a horse for his birthday. (I myself was in riding horses at the time and I had given her some advices).
I was very saddened and incredulous to learn all the sad events that have occurred since 2007 in Chantal’s life. Much water has flowed under the bridge since our dinner alone together but one thing has never changed and it is the look kind and deep of Chantal.
I already wrote once about Isabelle Adjani, after having photographed her, that beauty cannot be explained, but we can only notice it. The same comment applies to Chantal Jolis who was and remains a very beautiful woman, and her beauty cannot be explained, one can only finds it! ” .
Picture: Chantal Jolis – Tout le Monde en parle – Radio-Canada .
Link to interview with Chantal Jolis ;

Spring 2011 and Stephen Harper’s Federal Election…

March 25, 2011

The Conservative government of Stephen Harper fell on Friday afternoon and the Canadian Prime Minister went to the Governor General Saturday morning, March 26. Elections will be held on Monday, May 2.
According to polls, Stephen Harper’s Conservatives lead 43% against 24% for Liberal of Michael Ignatieff.
Here is the distribution of deputies according to the last Canadian 2008 election.
Conservatives 143
Liberals: 77
Block: 49
NDP: 37
Independents: 2
Vacant: 3
Total: 308
Earnings of 12 seats by the Conservatives and is the majority (155).
Stay tuned!
Picture 1: Parliament Building in Ottawa;
Photo 2 and 3: Stephen Harper at the piano ;
Photo 4: Laureen Harper on her motorcycle ;
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Modern Photojournalism and the Internet…

March 24, 2011

The photo published in’s newsletter to mark the arrival of Spring 2011 has been noticed and the object of small talk because of his element of manipulation by photoshop and the Internet… Each element in the picture is true, but the assembly has created a history and a message that can be suggestive and become fiction.
The comment that caught our attention is the one of a former photographer for Paris Match and one of the Facebook friends of Bernard Bujold (, Andre Gordeaux, who criticized the use of the Internet by magazines in general including Paris Match at the expense of heyday when the photographs were printed on film and then on paper.
He is right in one sense because the photo published, among other medias, on the cover of Paris Match was paid only $ 300 by the Agence France Presse to a Japanese newspaper and then distributed to thousands of media around the world, including Match. (See article France 24)
How a photographer can earn a living if you do not pay a fair price for his work?
The image of’s newsletter has the cover of Polka Magazine on the right side of the picture in front of the newsstand and by doing so, wanted to make a nod to this new reality of photojournalism.
Indeed, the founder and owner of the magazine Polka is Alain Genestar, the former editor chief of Paris Match, who was abruptly “expelled” from the magazine following the publishing of a photo of the ex-wife to Nicolas Sarkozi with his lover in New York. If the photo had been purchased from an agency, Alain Genestar would perhaps not have the problems that he has known …
The conclusion to the debate is that yes the photojournalism has changed and today the final image is a virtual assembly where each element represents a real reality but assembled by publishers behind a computer screen and then distributed on the internet to every wind, for free. Is it better journalism? It’s faster and it’s universal but the life of the stories is proportionally reduced.
As the Japanese woman in the photo shows resilience out of the ordinary, journalists and photographers must necessarily adapt and rediscover life as no coming back will never be possible.
Indeed, talk to victims of Japan; to the rebels in Libya or the revolutionaries of Egypt. Their story has become universal but is already beginning to be forgotten. It is both resilience but also “forget easy” due to the abundance of the Internet.
It remains, however, as said Bernard Bujold, that we are deeply missing Alain Genestar and his editorials in Paris Match, but hey, we also say: “Those were the days … ”
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March 20, 2011 wishes formally welcome to the Spring 2011.
(Official arrival Sunday, March 20, 2011 at 11:20 pm)
Photo 1: Spring Tulips by Bernard Bujold;
Photo 2: in Paris in the Spring;
(Miss X, mascots Goguie, Mr X, Miss Gym, Bernard Bujold and Ulysses the dog);
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The Japanese Woman…

March 19, 2011

A simple photo sold for $ 300 at France Presse became a universal symbol, the symbol of the courage of the Japanese people.
Hundreds of media outlets worldwide have published it on front page of their magazine or newspaper, a photo of a young Japanese woman to illustrate the earthquake occurred in Japan Friday, March 11, just days before Spring 2011 …
The photo was taken the day after the earthquake, Saturday, March 12.
Photo 1: Japanese Woman in the debris (Photo by Tadashi Okubo)
See story France 24;