The end of a Mafioso – Nicolo Rizzuto

November 16, 2010

The Mafioso Nicolo Rizzuto is dead.
Her funeral was comparable to that of a great public figure as hundreds of supporters mingled with hundreds of reporters, photographers and cameramen present at the Italian church of Notre Dame defense on Rue Henri-Julien Montreal in Little Italy. Bernard Bujold was among the journalists present there.
Photo 1 2 and 3: Notre Dame of Defense;
Photo 2: Bernard Bujold
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The pursuit of Pierre-Karl Peladeau against CBC …

November 13, 2010

Sylvain Lafrance, Vice-President of French Services at CBC had no right to call Pierre-Karl Péladeau (Quebecor) hooligan. But the debate is in front of the wrong court. It is to the federal government to judge whether a vice-chairman of a Crown corporation may treat his colleagues in the industry of thug. It is the MPs that should discuss the good or ill-founded comments by Sylvain Lafrance.
To be continued…
Picture 1: Julie Snyder and Pierre-Karl Péladeau;
Picture 2: Sylvain Lafrance;
Picture 3: House of Commons in Ottawa

An evening at the Artist’s Studio – Stephania Gambaroff

November 13, 2010

A few years ago (in 2005), the creator of the website, Bernard Bujold, discovered a young Russian-born artist who had just landed in Montreal with her two parents also artists.
“I had then said to her that if she were a horse race, I would bet on it!
Stephania Gambaroff today is based in New York and commutes between Montreal and the american city.
Bernard saw Stephania last Friday night (November 12, 2010) at the private studio of her parents on Pine Avenue in Montreal. “Stephania continues to be the Racing Horse that I had known at the time in 2005!”
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The Memoirs of Georges W. Bush

November 13, 2010

The memoirs of George W. Bush will surely become a best seller and the book is worth reading.
A book that lifts the veil on American politics and in particular the years of the presidency of George Bush the son. Several anecdotes just make Bush more sympathetic and they make us better understand the difficulties of modern political life.
A book to read!
See The New York Times ;
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A trip around Canada

November 13, 2010

The photographer Bertrand Lemeunier teamed with journalist Eric Clement OF La Presse and he published a photo book “O Canada”. Both authors had previously published “French of Montreal” (La Presse). The new book recounts the Canadian tour of Lemeunier on his bike. A beautiful book whose image are of high quality. The photographer, however, has a major challenge to overcome because it has no publisher or distributor and he published his book himself. For this reason, the book is not available in major bookstores and it must be ordered directly from Lemeunier. Too bad because it is a book which would deserves to be in store!
See link to site photographer Bertrand Lemeunier

The Montreal Mafioso Nicolo Rizzuto

November 13, 2010

Montreal Mafioso Nicolo Rizzuto’s (86 years) died as a sort of War General in service. He was hit by a bullet Wednesday night in the kitchen of his residence and he died instantly. The sniper would have shouted his firearm from the small wooded area behind the house.
In a sense, Rizzuto wanted this kind of violent death and he died in battle.
For a Man of Honour like him, he would have been much worse to die old without attention. His end is worthy of a movie.
Link to Rue Frontenac story

Holiday Season 2010…

November 9, 2010

The Holiday Season 2010 is upon us! and its various websites want to whish you many happy moments.
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