Art Exhibition by artist Winston McQuade

The artist Winston McQuade will open this weekend, Saturday November 20th, a new exhibition of his works entitled VIRAGES @ Villeray presented at the Espace Projet Gallery. (Address of gallery: 353 Villeray Street at the corner of Drolet near Tennis Stadium). The exhibition runs until December 3.
Winston McQuade had a distinguished career in television but decided, some ten years ago, to return to its first status as a professional artist of visual arts and reconnect with a passion that inspired him since the time where he attended the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Quebec.
Winston had several exhibitions to his name and his artistic sytle joined the one of Armand Vaillancourt, Vittorio, and in some respects, the one of Diane Dufresne. Winston McQuade’s paintings are vibrant and very popular with the public.
In its new exhibition, there is a piece he created in tribute to his daughter Penelope McQuade, a popular host on television in Quebec.
Photo 1: Winston McQuade;
Photo 2: Artwork titled Jutaku (home);
Photo 3: Artwork titled Penelope;
Photo 4: Penelope McQuade
View personal website of the artist ;
See story site Rue Frontenac

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