A good intention gone bad

September 28, 2010

Sometimes a good intention is not appreciated and turns negative …
Arguably this is the case of the photo exhibition “Portraits d’influence” by photographer Marie-Claude Hamel and installed at Place Ville Marie (Montreal). Hamel shot pictures of 35 people of influence in Quebec. Tuesday noon while Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1.com) passed before the exhibition, he heard people murmur against those people of influence whose among them is Jean Charest …
Bernard even said that he had to almost use force against the person who accompanied him for lunch (an employee locked out of the Journal de Montreal) when the person saw the photo of Pierre Karl Peladeau. The employee wanted to tear in pieces the photo of the president of Quebecor!
“Fortunately, I calmed him down and he accepted not to do it.” says, laughing Bernard Bujold
Photo 1: Jean Charest
Photo 2: Pierre-Karl Péladeau
See website Portraits of influence

Happy Birthday Google! 12 years old…

September 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Google! 12 years today! (Opened September 27, 1998)
The birthday cake of Google 2010 is drawn by the artist Wayne Thiebaud. He is an American painter whose most famous works are of cakes, pastries, boots and tubes of lipstick.
The thought of the day:” What would we do if Google did not exist?”
See Corporate website of Google ;
See Google.ca

The beauty of Julie Depardieu…

September 27, 2010

Sensual photography is an art that very few photographers have mastered. Veronique Vial succeeds!
His photos of Julie Depardieu half-naked published this week in The Paris Match (newsstand) are exceptional and of great sensuality. But we must also say that Julie is a very beautiful woman, both in her body that in her soul!
See interview Paris Match;
See website Véronique Vial;
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View photo LeStudio1.com (2003)

It was a small boat…l

September 26, 2010

It was the weekend of cruising boats in the Old Port of Montreal.
The ship AIDAluna was moored in the Old Port of Montreal as well as the giant ship THE WORLD (Floating condos). In all, there were four cruise ships docked in Old Port.
Watch a cruise ship inevitably bring dream of new land distant and of travel.
View photo album LeStudio1.com

About the social media…

September 25, 2010

I read the book written in French by Michelle Blanc, an expert on social media in Quebec and Nadia Seraiocco a web communicator and well known in the public relations.
The book: “Les Médias sociaux 101” is a comprehensive book which traces a accurate picture of the current level of Internet social media. (Facebook, Flickr, Google, Myspace, etc.).
The book is not for experts but rather to the general public and especially business leaders who want to better understand this area of the Internet. The preface is signed by Bruno Guglielminetti formerly from Radio-Canada and now in the private sector in a public relations firm.
One wish: the duo White – Seraiocco should write a volume 2 of their vision of the future Internet …
Link to the book website

The corruption in Quebec

September 24, 2010

The Quebec Province is described as “the most corrupt province in Canada” in Maclean’s magazine currently on newsstands (October 4, 2010). The magazine highlights in the story of 5 pages hearings of the Commission Bastarache who study the appointment of judges in relation to financial backers of Quebec Liberal Party. The report also highlights several other recent cases amongst which the secret wage of $75,000 to Jean Charest.
Note that Premier Jean Charest has appeared before the Commission Bastarache and several observers criticize the conduct of Commissioner Michel Bastarache that is considered too favorable to Jean Charest and his lawyers and more severe to lawyers representing the plaintiffs.
Photo 1: Michel Bastarache;
Photo 2: Jean Charest;
Photo 3: Cover of Maclean’s.
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See Quebec Prime Minister website

An American in Paris without his laptop…

September 23, 2010

The expert and technology journalist and Internet Walt Mossberg of The Wall Street Journal is returning from a vacation trip to Paris where he had decided to stay without his laptop for 10 days.
He brought with him an iPad, a smart phone (Smart Phone) and a digital camera.
His conclusion: “It is possible to survive without a computer but this mode of survival is not valid for all …” – Walt Mossberg
Photo 1: Illustration The Wall Street Journal
Walt Mossberg See article – The Wall Street Journal