“Life is unfair…” – BP’s Former CEO to the journalists

The outgoing director of BP, Tony Hayward, believes that life is unfair and that his situation is comparable to that of a person who walks calmly on the sidewalk and who would suddenly be hit by a bus out of control …
Hayward is 53 years and has worked for nearly 30 years with BP. He is not broke and following his demotion, he will receive severance departure of more than $ 1.6 million and a lifetime pension of $ 940,000 per year at 65 years old.
Negative aspect of his dismissal, he finds himself affected in Siberia starting October 1st to lead a small subsidiary of BP.
Life is tough ….
Top photo: Tony Hayward, Carl-Henric Svanberg (Chairman of BP) and the new manager Bob Dudley
Bottom photo: Tony Hayward
See story by The New York Times
See story by La Presse

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