Anniversary of Bernard Bujold

June 28, 2010 and his team are pleased to offer their best birthday wishes to the creator of their website, Bernard Bujold. The little party organized for the occasion, June 28, 2010, was on theme of the number 4. This choice was motivated by the fact that there are four mascots and the number four is also contained in the date of birth of Bernard (28: 8 divided by 2 = 4). There was thus four categories of gifts consisting of four gifts by category. A category of 4 books, a category of 4 DVD, a category of 4 wines and a last category of 4 photos selected by Bernard himself (his favorite). Bernard Bujold has also written special text on the art of staying young in 2010!
Happy Birthday Bernard!
Link to the special text and the list of gifts.

Conrad Black was right…

June 25, 2010

The former media baron Conrad Black had his conviction for financial fraud overturned by the U.S. Justice which shall question his detention in prison. The businessman has always challenged its guilt and he appealed the decision. Great historian and newspapersman, Black is the founder of The National Post of Toronto. He said he was very pleased by the new development…
See story National Post.

Barack Obama is the real boss..

June 24, 2010

President Barack Obama has demonstrated to General McChrystal who is the boss! The American soldier has ridiculed the president and his entourage in a report just released by Rolling Stone Magazine. Even before the magazine hit the newsstands, through the Internet, the fate of General was sealed … Proof that the power of journalism is far from being dead!
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The Quebec Judge accused of murder is free to go…

June 24, 2010

It is a former commissioner with the Bastarache’s group who paid part of the bond ($ 50,000 deposit) for the liberagtion of Judge Jacques Delisle accused of murdering his wife. Delisle is accused of using a firearm to kill his sick wife …
See article in La Presse

The Summer of 2010 begins today…

June 21, 2010

Summer 2010 officially begins today Monday, June 21. The summer temperature has however been very warm since early April (Montreal has experienced the feast of Easter on April 4 in the summer temperature …). Is it global warming? I am not really conviced because when I grew up in the Gaspé, our summer season also began early and sea temperatures began to cool towards the beginning of July … Happy summer!
Picture: Ulysse the Dog, Bernard Bujold and a cargo ship from Halifax

The Cardinal Marc Ouellet would go back to Rome…

June 18, 2010

Cardinal Marc Ouellet has never hidden that he would have liked to stay in Rome and never to be named Cardinal in Quebec. He had accepted the appointment by respect for his bosses in Rome but Cardinal Marc Ouellet did not want to come to Quebec because he preferred to work in the Vatican where his nickname is the “Preacher”. An intellectual who believes that God is also the Church of Rome. But he is a close friend of the actual Pope and it seems that his friend Benloit XVI will repatriate him. To be continued…

Jaroslav Halak will leave Montreal

June 17, 2010

The goalie of the Montreal Canadiens Jaroslav Halak was traded to the team of St. Louis. Halak had raised the Habs fans spirit during recent playoffs but he will not return in front of Les Canadians’s net.  Sad departure! The team chose to bet on Carey Price …
See text The Montreal Gazette