The Summer 2010 and

May 28, 2010

The arrival of Summer 2010… and the Internet

May 28, 2010

In recent months, continued its migration to the Internet, cloud computing and its integration on various social or private mass media website around the world. We have also collaborated on several Internet projects, including the photography project “Moment in Times – The New York Times (LENS). is particularly active on Facebook, Google Blogs, WordPress, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and MySpace, in addition to publishing material online at the official, which became a sort of permanent base to gather all the comments posted on our various social sites, like a hub airport which handles all central communications.
You can view a list of web links to each social sites to the following address: See links to social sites
Summer 2010 at is the one of the Internet and more than ever we are present everywhere on the planet …
Photo top-text: Bernard Bujold published in The New York Times at the Moment in Times Project (LENS). Photo title: MORNING RISE AT CIRQUE DU SOLEIL IN OLD MONTREAL

The Internet addresses –

May 28, 2010


FACEBOOK– is particularly present onFacebook, which has become a bulletin board and a place to keep in touch with media and with the public. We use mainly the “Bulletin Board” to recommend the best stories from mainstream media. We are very interested in the arts and in particular books, photography and music, by the politics all around the world, by the technological development related to the Internet, to the entertainment world and many other areas. Our preference is for books that open mind in front of the obstacles of life, arts events that are off the beaten track, photos showing exceptional images, artists whose talent is exceptional, actions by governmentsinfluencing the future of the planet or the injustices and abuses that we denounce and technological developments that are pushing the boundaries of Internet communication.
GOOGLE BLOGS – greatly appreciates the outreach capacity of Google Blogs and we created a column called News (Nouvelles in French). This column in blog format allows us two things. First to publish in English all our texts and also to archive in chronological order all the texts published.

WORDPRESS – uses WordPress as a mirror of the texts published on Google Blogs (French and English). A kind of backup which also serves as the second place of publication for the blog format and columns joining another class of internet users than Google.
FLICKR – is a big fan of the photo site Flickrwhich is probably the best site currently available to archive photos and make them accessible to users. The archival quality (high resolution) is awesome! We also publish on Flickr various texts relating to the photographs when the images relate a story or a subject of interest to our public.
TWITTER – publishes regularly on the Twittersite, but contrary to the popular trend, we publish only if the event is of exceptional importance. The short text becomes a reminder or invitation to read a more complete text on one of our sites or on the one of another major media.
YOUTUBE – does not report on video but we recommend on our YouTube page some other media people when we consider their work significant and offering exceptional images.
MYSPACE – is a member since the very beginning of the MySpace website.However, we have reduced our participation in favor of Facebook, which reach an audience more diverse and more consistent with our audience.
CONTACT – We remain open to your suggestions! Feel free to write us, to respond to our articles and join us in this wonderful adventure of life in the world of the Internet!
(Photo mascots Goguie, Ulysses Dog, Mr. X and Miss Gym)

Have a nice Summer…

May 28, 2010

Have a nice Summer 2010…
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Good luck Jack Bauer…

May 25, 2010

The scenario of the last show 24 hours – Jack Bauer was incredible. The American President asked for pardon and save the life of Jack. Jack Bauer will live mysteriously in the memory of his fans who will meet him again on the big screen. Good luck Jack…
See site Jack Bauer Fox TV

Sand in front of the locker room…

May 24, 2010

Fans of the Montreal Canadiens (or an employee of the Bell Centre) are accused of having spread sand in front of the Philadelphia Flyers’ locker room before the game of Saturday, May 22 in Montreal to make the blade skates non-cutting… Several players for the Flyers fell on the ice so their blades were worn. Nevertheless, The Flyers have won and lead the series 3-1. Game five is tonight Monday, May 24 -19 hours, and in Philadelphia… Asked about the situation, the coach of Canadians Jacques Martin does not believe in this story. He added: “They should do like girls skating and use of protective blades if they are not satisfied with their locker room … “
See story The Montreal Gazette

The summer 2010…

May 23, 2010

The water pools of Old Montreal are filled; tourists began to arrive, the temperature is hot and hockey is about to left its place to golf… The 2010 sommer will strike soon upon us!
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