The budget of the province of Quebec

March 31, 2010

The Quebec government’s annual budget of Jean Charest is rather poorly received by all journalists and some would even call it “Budget of the Lord.” The solution proposed by Bernard Bujold, create his bank and print his own currency…  

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The verdict on Tiger Woods

March 29, 2010

The final verdict will fall on April 8 at Augusta! If Tiger Woods is still the champion of golf that he was, he again will become a god. But if he play badly, then there will be his definitive end.
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The artist Clotaire Rapaille

March 29, 2010

Journalists in Quebec all agree. Clotaire Rapaille is a little funny but he is not a dangerous person. If there is anyone who looks crazy it is the Mayor of Quebec who was unable to defend his choice. Clotaire Rapaille is an artist! We must judge him on his artistic creation rather than on his Resume …
See Editorial Nathalie Petrowski

The autobiography of Florence Cassez

March 25, 2010

The autobiography of Florence Cassez, “À l’ombre de ma vie”, is now available in bookstores in Quebec.This story is the one of a young French woman jailed in Mexico after a false charge of conspiracy to kidnap and that Nicholas Sarkozy tries to free.Violinist of the Metropolitan Orchestra of Montreal, Sylvie Harvey, work ardently since several months to make the public and the media of Quebec aware of this injustice. You can visit the website of the author.
Link website Florence Cassez

Charles Aznavour and his life.

March 22, 2010

The French singer Charles Aznavour is currently on promotional tour in Quebec for his recent autobiography “À voix basse”. This book is like a conversation in his living room where Aznavour recounts his life as an artist. All those who want to understand the trade will gain to read this book!
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See interview with Charles Aznavour by Bernard Bujold
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March 15, 2010 has been very busy in the last months. Firstly, there is the creator of the magazine Bernard Bujold who took the decision to change completely his lifestyle and he has given, thrown away or returned to their author more than 2 800 books in his personal library that contained 3 000. He then offered to his neighbors half his wine cellar … before closing the loop by moving (See Pictures on Facebook); Miss X is very happy in his new job in a large International Accountants firm; and mascots Mr X and Miss Gym welcomed a new friend Dog Ulysses. This new team member quickly became so popular that we have granted him the title of “Official Mascot” for the magazine. is now more than ever present on Internet through various social networks and the number of visitors to the official website have increased despite the absence of the weekly email message to 65 000 subscribers. This is surprising but the figures are inescapable! There is an increase of daily visitors who are coming on the official site and we receive an average of 2 500 visits each day. Formerly, the number varied depending on the day of the week and reached peaks of the 4 000 visitors the day following the email to decrease during following day at about 1 500. Since our adherence to various social networks, the rate of visits remains constant throughout the week. We can conclude that Google, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and Twitter are very efficient Internet vehicules. It must also be stressed that the home page has been transformed and it is now updated daily with links to new articles and comments posted by other major media in the world. All of these articles and links are published automatically on our various social networks. It must also be told that all our texts are now published in French and English.
Thank you to everyone for your continued support and we hope to meet you at one of our networks social or on the official website.
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The Spring 2010 at

March 15, 2010

Projects for Spring 2010 are many! will continue to encourage quality in the arts be it music, writing, film or other areas. Our priority will be given to books that open spirit over the obstacles of life, events of art and artists whose talent is exceptional as a society without artists is a society without soul! greatly appreciates the discoveries in technology and it will continue to monitor very closely all developments to occur in the Internet domain. Never before society has undergone as much freedom of expression, and democracy itself, since the advent of Internet. Some experts claim that we are at the dawn of the technological age. The future would be even more exciting and revolutionary of what we have seen so far!
-Miss-X is very concerned about the injustices and we will report about events or situations where injustice is crying either in politics, business or simply in terms of daily life. will support several public campaigns including the one put forward among others by Montreal violinist Sylvie Harvey in order to free the French woman Florence Cassez who is imprisoned in Mexico following a political plot. (See website Florence Cassez) will continue to advertise certain cultural activities including those of poet and songwriter Louis Royer, who organizes the shows “Les rendez-vous de la Chanson vivante” presented every Sunday night in Montreal. (See official website)
-The creator of Bernard Bujold hopes to find a solution about his search for a new job but he is not alone in facing such a challenge. Websites linked to individual job search will attract the attention of including the one of journalist Lisa Johnson Mandell and the one of Stewart Bacon a renowned film producer out of work for almost two years. We will also watch the developments in the labor dispute at the Journal Montreal. The conclusion of the lockout will set the tone for the future of all workers in information and this no matter what the media group for which they work.
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-Finally, we remain open to your suggestions! Feel free to write us, to respond to our texts and join us in this wonderful adventure of life in the world of Internet!
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Lucien Bouchard is the “Donald Trump” of Quebec!

March 11, 2010

Lucien Bouchard is the new millionaire of Quebec! A sort of the “Donald Trump” of Quebec…
The former Prime Minister received million of dollars as a lawyer to represent Quebec’s institutions.

Quebecor and money making!

March 11, 2010

Why pay big bucks if one can do more profits with fewer employees?
The economic crisis has forced companies to reduce operating costs. Now that the recovery seems back for these companies, they ask themselve why spend on wages, while we are able to make the same profit with less employees ? The best proof is Quebecor and the Journal de Montreal which have declared a profit increase of 48% even during a lock out!
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The future of Quebec City according to Clotaire Rapaille!

March 11, 2010

Quebec City is the new city of the future and other cities like Montreal, Laval, Ottawa will became “Has Been”…
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