Tiger Woods must leave the table!

Tiger Woods should follow the advice of Charles Aznavour and leave the table because the meal is complete!
He was the greatest golfer of our time but he wanted to exploit the commercial aspect of his talent. For this reason, he has been completely defeated by the lately developments. It’s not his marriage that worries him but his financial failure.
This was not the first time he faced such situation but in the past he had always been able to buy the silence of the media who wanted to publish a scoop like this picture of Tiger kissing a girl in a parking lot. His lawyers had giving away an exclusive interview to the magazine Men’s Health in exchange of the photos. This time however there were too many media to silent.
I think that he is completely reversed by the situation. Playing golf is one thing but handling successfully public opinion is another kind of talent.
Finally, the failure of Tiger Woods is his own fault. He should have just quit for some years but he believed that the situation would come back as before.
Unfortunatly his meal is finished!
View Article The Wall Street Journal

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