The house of René Lévesque in New-Carlisle

The protection of the house of René Lévesque is not a new history.
Bernard Bujold had launched a project foundation in January 1988 with the support of several close friends of the former prime minister amongs whom Corinne Côté-Lévesque, Yves Duhaime, Richard Clement and Marc Andre Bedard and some journalists including Michel Roy then La Presse and Marc Thibault then President of the Council Press. It had also proposed Pierre Péladeau to Presidency and as a patron. The aim was to buy the house of the owner and then into a museum René Lévesque.
Everyone agreed to protect the house Levesque’s home but despite all the support received in 1988, the project died in the egg. Pierre Péladeau supported the idea of protecting the place but not enough to finance it. Other members tought that New Carlisle was a little far from Montreal or Quebec to establish the Museum René Lévesque. In conclusion, the team sought withdrew from the project; Pierre Péladeau offered a job to Bernard Bujold for he takes care of him instead of René Lévesque and life went on; the owner of the house felt abandoned by Montrealers and sold the home to another private owner.
The protection of historic homes is a difficult task. Péladeau has suffered the same fate with its own house in Ste-Adele, which is not what it was during his lifetime. He would not complain because he often said that one must deal with the living rather than dead …
Good luck to the new defenders of the House René Lévesque!
Le Devoir article link (French)

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